Related Projects

This page lists projects that are related to MPlayer, use MPlayer for interesting things, extend MPlayer or use MPlayer code. None of them are officially part of MPlayer, so contact the respective authors and not us with praise, criticism and problem reports.

This list is not complete, but continuously updated. Known broken links are crossed out. If you have updated links or if you spot some other mistake, please drop us a line.

Should you have created a project that should be listed here or simply have stumbled across one, let us know ideally with a short description and a link so we can add it here.

If you are the author of a program based on MPlayer or an MPlayer package and have made some changes to MPlayer, please send us a patch so everybody can benefit from the improvements you made. How you can best accomplish this is explained in our patch guidelines.

Unofficial Packages

MPlayer Frontends

MEncoder Frontends

Browser Plugins

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Home Entertainment Systems

CD Based Distributions

Video Encoding Tools


Projects Reusing MPlayer Code